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Silverside beltie beef is marinated with an Islay 16 year single malt  whisky from the Lagavulin distillery, rosemary, thyme, and juniper berry, then air dried for and thinly sliced ready to eat.

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Bresaola made from our Pasture for Life Certified 35 day aged Belted Galloway Beef.

A single malt whisky bresaola using an Islay 16 year single malt  from the Lagavulin distillery, and our 35 day aged Pasture for Life Certified Belted Galloway Beef – obviously we have needed to test out this product (alot!!) it’s really rather good – it’s super succulent, rich and smokey with subtle undertones of juniper, rosemary and thyme…… it’s air dried and thinly sliced ready to eat….Delicious!


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