pigs in blankets

Rare Breed Pork

All things Pork !!

Our pigs are slow growing rare breed pigs, which take longer to rear than commercial pigs and as a result they produce finer quality more flavoursome meat.

Christmas isn't Christmas without Chipolatas ! From our own rare breed x pigs.Sausages and bacon are available through our on-line shop to accompany your Christmas Goose.

In particular we recommend the traditional Christmas favourite the chipolata – a coarse ground pork sausage seasoned with salt, pepper herbs and spices, a thinner sausage which is great for breakfast or accompanying the Christmas feast, best cooked under the grill for a fabulous flavour.

Smoked Streaky BaconOur streaky bacon is a great accompaniment to the chipolatas for the very British festive favourite “pigs in blankets”, special packs available on-line.

In addition a perennial favourite pork and apple bangers, a great sausage which is packed with flavour.

By special order we usually have available a variety of pork joints for purchase as well as a limited supply of gammon including the fabulous Suffolk Black ! Contact us directly to enquire about availability and ordering.