Beltie Steak Box


Beltie Beef – Slow matured, 21 day dry hung, flavoursome marbled meat.

Your box will include:

  • Pair of Fillet Steaks (300g)
  • Rump Steak (550g)
  • Pair of Sirloin Steaks (450g)
  • Pair of Ribeye Steaks (550g)
  • Pair of Flat Iron Steaks (350g)

Steaks are packed in pairs and the weight shown is the average weight per pair.
Minimum total box contents 2.2kg

Free weekly Friday delivery to Loddon, Beccles, Bungay, South Lowestoft and surrounding villages

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All our beef comes from our own Belted Galloways, matured over three years solely on grass. As a breed, Belted Galloways have a thicker (double) coat and so are generally not as fatty as many native breeds and this slow maturing produces an extremely tasty, marbled meat.

Please note that our beef boxes are frozen straight after butchery.  If you are interested in ordering your beef fresh rather than frozen, then please contact us.

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Weight 2.2 kg


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