Christmas Goose – Free Range

Carr Farm Chrismas Geese

Goose is the traditional alternative to a Christmas turkey, goose meat is very flavoursome as opposed to it’s American cousin the turkey which can taste rather bland. Goose meat is rich with a dense texture, although having a large carcass the bird is bony with a big ribcage which means pound for pound it will feed less people than a turkey. However because the meat is much richer a smaller portion is usually called for. Most of the fat lies under the skin rather than in the meat so it melts during cooking and bastes the breast deliciously.

Never had goose before and wonder what it tastes like ? …..well there is not really anything similar. If you like duck there is a good chance you will enjoy goose and if you enjoy the turkey dark leg meat it is similar but oh so much tastier !

Our goslings are specially bred for the table which produce fine table birds.

All our geese are fed on GMfree feed starter crumb for the first few weeks without medication or growth promoters, thereafter their diet is principally grass with some supplementary wheat going into the winter.

All geese have been free ranged, grain fed and hung for a good flavour. They are available either oven ready or rough plucked by special order. Oven ready birds will be prepared the day of sale and will be packed in a box with separate giblets, sale is on table bird weight plus giblets/fat.

We will do our best to match the weight you require but this may vary slightly dependent upon availability.

Oven Ready Weights:

4.0kg-4.5kg (8.8lb/9.9lb) – feeds 4-5 people
4.5kg-5.0kg (9.9lb/11lb) -feeds 5-6 people
5.0kg-5.5kg (11lb/12.1lb) – feeds 6-7 people
5.5kg – 6.0kg (12.1lb/13.2lb) – feeds 7-9 people

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Prices are based upon collection, local delivery is available – please enquire for cost.

Overnight courier is available for orders outside of the local area at a cost of £20. All orders being dispatched by overnight courier will be frozen before being packaged up and sent. All our birds are hung for at least a week for the best flavour, because of this moisture levels are reduced and so there is little expansion during freezing. A goose should take up to 48 hours to defrost in a refrigerator.  A well hung and dressed frozen bird will actually taste better than a fresh bird.

Collection/Local delivery 23rd-24th December