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Barn Owl chicks hatch at Carr Farm

Great news! We have had barn owl chicks in not just one but both owl boxes😊 two in the barn box AND two in the horse chestnut tree box, all weighed, measured, ringed and carefully returned to the boxes a few weeks ago.

Then this week they have been caught on our wildlife camera fledging, this evening we have seen both youngsters from the barn box making small flights and returning to the barn. The two from the tree box which were we think a little older have been seen hunting and roosting in one of the oak trees – a great result!

Videos and photos shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Beltie Beef back in September taking orders now.

Our Pasture for Life Beltie Beef will be back in stock in mid September. We will be putting all boxes and items back on the website in mid August so that you can place orders.

In the meantime if you wish to pre-order a box or an eigth share or would like to receive our regular newsletter please email us on

Thank you!!

Reserve Champion at Royal Norfolk & Champion at Kent Show

We’ve had a busy few weeks with the belties at the Shows, it has been great to meet so many of our supporters, followers and customers at these events.

We had the full team at the Royal Norfolk where they hold classes specifically for Belted Galloways and there was a great entry of over 30 animals. Our senior heifer Vanessa won her class, and Cow with calf; Zoe and Wizard won their class. Both animals went on to be Female and reserve female champion and Vanessa was Reserve overall Best of Breed Champion so pretty happy with that, as an added bonus Princess Anne came into the ring for the final judging.

Down at the Kent County Show we participated in the Native Breed Classes, where our yearling heifer Velvet won her class, Vanessa won the senior class, they both won the pairs and Vanessa was overall Champion. It’s been 40 years since last visiting the Kent County Show and we much enjoyed our return.

Waveney Beltie Winner at South Suffolk Show

It was great to get back to the shows with the Belties after two years at the South Suffolk Show – the little gang did us proud, were almost on their best behaviour, the sun shone, caught up with lots of folks we haven’t seen for two years and we even came home with a few rosettes into the bargain including a first in the Junior Heifer Class for young Waveney Velvet……..and in a few weeks time we can do it all again😊

Calves…calves…calves..lots of beautiful Beltie calves arrive in May!

April and May have seen a flurry of new calves being born down on the marshes, here is a selection of beautiful photographs taken down on the marshes of some of this years little ones from friend and photographer Caroline Tillett .

We have used our dun beltie Bull Waveney Harnser so this year so far lots of little dun beauties have been born. 2022 is a “w” year for names so far we have a Willow, Wren, Willy Wonka, Wendi, Wizard, Whisky, Wayne and Wiggle…if you have any suggestions for 2022 calf names let us know!

All of our cattle are Pedigree and registered with the Belted Galloway Cattle Society, “belties” are a native breed, 10 years ago they were on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watch list, but now thankfully numbers are doing well and the breed is secure for the forseeable.

First hatch of goslings out in the sun!

After avian flu “lockdown” it was lovely to finally get some of the goslings out in the paddock enjoying the sun and grass, they are growing really quickly and starting to get their proper feathers now.

We have a mix of Embdens, Legarth x, Dewlap toulouse and Brecon Buffs.

New Beltie Beef Recipes!

A loving spoonful…we are collaborating with Linda Duffin of Mrs Portly’s Kitchen on recipes for our Beltie beef. Linda is a local food champion and recognises how much care we lavish on our beltie herd, and how this love and care translates into a wonderful end product of flavour on the plate.
The first recipe is a luscious red wine beef stew with stilton dumplings. See our new recipe page for details and if you have a favourite beef recipe please share with us too!