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Belted Galloways

2017 Aylsham Show Success !

We took our show team of belted galloways to the Aylsham Show our young 2016 dun heifer Waveney Coshie came second in her class and her half brother the young dun bull Waveney Harnser won the 2016 Traditional Beef Breed Class, Best in Show Traditional Breed and the Benbow Cup, the pair of them also won their pairs class, a successful end to the 2017 Show season!

A very special new Arrival!

We had an early morning birth of a beautiful little dun belted galloway heifer calf – we are sure you will agree she is a cutie and a rare thing indeed in East Anglia….we have not been able to track down any other pedigree registered dun belties in Norfolk or Suffolk.

Beltie Beef Boxes – Try a taster box !!

Beltie beef available from our 100% pasture reared herd – superb quality well marbled lean beef – min 21 day dry aged for a great flavour.

Beef available in a variety of boxes from our beltie taster box 3.5kg including steaks for just £35 (£10/per kg) to our great value budget box full of great tasting beltie beef 7kg for just £47 ( £6.70/per kg)……and for the connoisseur our fantastic steak box;  fillets, rumps, ribeye, sirloin…you name it they are in it 2.7kg for £40 ( £15/ per kg) order on-line now free local delivery included.

New Belted Galloway Calf!

June the 12th saw the arrival of our first belted galloway calf born out of one our pedigree cows Thornthwaite Surprise. The little heifer calf is the first born to our herd and in keeping with her new Norfolk home has a very “norfolk” name; Waveney Bishy Barnabee !

waveney belted galloways

Belted Galloways at Carr Farm !

April has seen the arrival at Carr Farm of our beautiful little herd of belted galloway cattle. Our group of cattle arrived after a long journey from West Yorkshire and were pleased to be let out onto the lush Waveney Valley grazing marshes.

Our cattle will be fully raised on a grass based diet with winter forage consisting or hay and haylage. They overwinter outside but we have the option to bring them into straw bedded barns if required.

All of our cattle are registered with the Belted Galloway Cattle Society and it is our intention to increase and add to the herd size in the coming years.